5 Amazing Art Therapy Activities for Adults

For example, if you have the urge to reduce stress by returning to drinking alcohol, this is where art therapy can become involved. At your next opportunity, you could illustrate how you felt when you wanted to art therapy for addiction ideas drink, as well as any emotions or concerns you had at that moment. One of the most trying aspects of recovery is the stressors and triggers we experience that may have us wanting to return to substance use.

Pleasant memories with loved ones and favorite places and things are our cornerstones, evoking positive, sentimental emotions that promote healthy recovery. Besides, a self-care box reminds individuals of positive self-affirmations and goals, keeping them on the right path. Negative, judgmental thoughts can cloud the mind, creating a harsh environment in an individual’s head and hindering recovery. Creating a collage of “words to live by” helps these individuals identify who they are and understand the core values they want to live by.

Why Art Therapy For Addiction Works

Expression through art can help individuals communicate their feelings and take the next steps to recover. It’s known to be therapeutic and supportive in developing self-awareness and exploring emotions. A variety of art project ideas focus on the creative process that is beneficial to the recovery process. For years, therapists have used art therapy to alleviate negative emotions and benefit the addiction recovery process.

  • Art is often a nonverbal process.
  • The primary focus of art therapy for addiction treatment is not the artist’s skill level.
  • For instance, painting over a photograph can be symbolic of altering or coming to terms with past memories.
  • In the likeness of a geographic map, create a map of your inner world.
  • You can find words to cut out in old magazines, newspapers or picture books.

While listening to music, draw a forest, transferring your feelings from unity with nature. This therapy drawing develops the imagination, helps to discover the inner corners of the soul. Drawing circles art therapy ideas. Several participants at the same table draw circles of any color and size on a large sheet of paper.

The Impact of Art Rehabilitation Therapy for Addiction

In these situations, there’s a way to process without words. If you’re looking to work through a distressing event, it’s OK if speaking about it gives you pause. All these factors can help people stay motivated and committed to their recovery goals. Substance abuse can be extremely time-consuming. Once sober, many people find it difficult to fill all the hours they used to spend seeking and using drugs or alcohol.

The arts can help us recover from disasters – creatively – Pursuit

The arts can help us recover from disasters – creatively.

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